This last year has been wonderful. Many companies, foundations, and individuals have supported our fundraising campaign by making significant contributions to us. They passionately reacted to the desire of Cherry Lodge Cancer Care to build a new center. The community also gathered to present a petition to citizens to receive a zoning change for our new building. It was also a very busy year for our fundraising team, during which we organized various fundraising events that were very successful. BUT, and this is the most important, since the number of registrations of cancer patients and their loved ones was the highest in history, we were faced with a significant increase in names on the waiting list. It was this unacceptable reality that made us move to our new premises in November 2016.

An oncological wellness center on the West Island exists to provide people living with cancer with caring support and comprehensive information for the mind, body and patient’s soul.

Ensuring our financial viability and finding more space to combat the rising incidence of cancer in Quebec, as well as giving people living with cancer the benefits of a holistic approach to well-being.

As a registered charity, Cherry Lodge Cancer Care Cancer Wellness Center specializes in providing charitable care and support to those affected or ill with cancer away from the disease. We advocate for a holistic approach that seeks to improve the health and well-being of people living with cancer by satisfying their emotional, physical and spiritual needs. All our programs and services are FREE and are designed to support and complement traditional medical practices.

A small book on cancer is designed to help children affected by cancer – whose parents, grandparents or other family members – cope with difficult times. Cancer can cause confusion or fear in children. This booklet is a tool that adults can use to interact interactively and creatively with a child on topics that are difficult to solve in relation to cancer. A small book about cancer. With the fundraising program of the Cherry Lodge Center, you can get a small book on cancer for free.

A small book on cancer is becoming a web application. Thanks to our pharmaceutical sponsors listed below, the Center has partnered with the charity center for several months to develop an application that will be available in Quebec, Ontario, and possibly the rest of Canada. More information will be announced at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017.

UNICANCER: an integrated care model. The model is based on: the actual and daily manifestation of multidisciplinarity, global patient care, a constant assessment of effectiveness and quality, the relationship between care and research. Integrated screening and / or early diagnosis follow-up. Comprehensive care: medical, psycho-social.

Interdisciplinary: gather around the patient, on the basis of one medical record, various specialists involved (radiotherapist, chemotherapist, surgeon …) to determine the most appropriate treatment. Continuum translational research allows patients to benefit from research progress as quickly as possible. Development of a medical care system: types of cancer, level of complexity of clinical situations (from standard cases to rare types of cancer), alternative methods of treatment and difficult situations (referral to a specialist).

Cherry Lodge Cancer Care: Individual patient management puts quality of care, quality of doctor-patient relationships and quality of life at the center of its strategy. Individualization of treatment: adaptation of the treatment to the biological characteristics of the disease and the genetic heritage of the patient. Individualization of accompanying a sick person and his environment, in particular, with the development of supportive care (social support, diet, physiotherapy, aesthetics, psycho-oncology, sophrology, pain treatment, functional rehabilitation …) and bridges with patient associations. Patient-partner culture: the patient is at the heart of the care and therapeutic decisions that he makes (patient committee, observatory of patient expectations).